Our Mission

Huntington Community Church desires for every person to know God, find community, make disciples, and change the world.

Marshall University and the surrounding Huntington areas are a rich harvest field for the gospel. Huntington Community Church seeks to enter this field with ready workers and to supply new workers as people grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. God has already blessed our church body with many committed followers of Christ, and Huntington Community Church's goal is to develop into an autonomous church that maintains a vibrant impact upon Marshall and the city of Huntington.

Our History

In 2009, a group from First Baptist Church of Kenova (FBCK) became burdened for the spiritual needs of Marshall University and its surrounding areas. Their burden became a vision that the entire church soon embraced. From that vision, Marshall Community Fellowship (MCF) was born.

In time, a group of members from FBCK committed one year to participate in the establishment of MCF. As a testimony to their commitment and excitement, many of them are still here today. In 2017, MCF's name was changed to Huntington Community Church (HCC) to better clarify our mission to reach the greater Huntington area.

FBCK has, therefore, been a mother to Huntington Community Church, nurturing this ministry as it has developed and grown. Their goal from the start was for HCC to eventually come to a place of viability as an autonomous church so that it can have a long-term presence and impact in this community. Among other things, FBCK has walked HCC through the stages of vision casting, planning, recruiting, launching, hiring a pastor, structuring, and moving to our current location. The remaining stages before autonomy are to demonstrate viability and establish an independent budget.

At that time, FBCK will change from being our mother church to being our sister church as they entrust us to function before Christ as a healthy body of believers. Until then, membership with Huntington Community Church is formally membership with FBCK, and all of our resources are shared and subject to the oversight of FBCK.

As we look to the completion of this planting process, it is an exciting time to become a part of our story.