What to expect on a Sunday


Our church is growing, but unfortunately our parking lot is not. We aim to reserve the parking lot for guests and families and ask that our able-bodied members find off-street parking. As much as it pains us to say, expect some difficulties with finding a spot. We continue to pursue various avenues to aid us in creating solutions to this issue. 

Sunday Morning Service

Service (10 a.m.)

Services are approximately one hour and fifteen minutes in length, comprised of worship music and a sermon. Our music is a blend of old and new and we use a variety of instruments to aid us in our praise of God. We aim to sing songs that turn us toward God, are full of theological truth, and exalt Jesus Christ.

Every Sunday is essentially the same as the Sunday before. If you come one Sunday, you've experienced what an HCC service is like the vast majority of the year.

We offer seating in the chapel and two overflow rooms.

Prayer for the Nations

Every Sunday we lift up a nation in prayer that was selected at the start of the new month. We believe that it is our duty and our joy to pray for our brothers and sisters that are scattered across the globe and beg God to further His kingdom. 

The Sermon

We have a practice of teaching through a book of the Bible verse by verse and examining the original meaning of the text and how it applies in our lives today. Typically delivered by teaching elder Adam Goodwin, though sometimes given by other qualified men of the congregation. 


At HCC, we practice open communion. We do not require that you be a member of HCC to participate, but we do expect you to be a Christian. We take the warnings of scripture seriously in regards to taking the Lord's Supper in an unworthy manner and we caution all to examine themselves before partaking in communion. 

Communion is held at minimum the first Sunday of each month. There will be two stations at the front of the chapel, one on each side of the stage. You will be given a small cup of grape juice symbolizing the blood of Christ and a small wafer symbolizing His broken body. The elements can be consumed when you've returned to your pew.


We do not pass a plate at HCC, but encourage members to give generously via an offering box at the back of the chapel or online.

Come early, stay late.

We encourage everyone to come early and stay late. We believe that building community only happens when we take time to fellowship with one another, encourage one another and hold one another accountable. These things often take place before and after the service.

Coffee and snacks are provided at the conclusion of each service in the downstairs Fellowship Hall.

What To Wear

We believe we should honor God in all aspects of our lives, including how we adorn ourselves with clothing. We believe if we are doing the "one another's" of scripture and seeking to honor God, those things will ultimately inform how we dress.  At HCC, you will find people wearing suits and dresses, jeans and polos, t-shirts and shorts, hats and sunglasses, wingtips and flip flops.

Child Care

Classes are offered to children during our morning service, although we love having children in the service as well. 

We also provide nursery care for infants through toddlers.