Mission Statement

Making the gospel accessible to individuals with a disability and their families as we minister to and with them for the glory of God. (In light of the mission of HCC, helping individuals with disabilities and their families know God, build community, make disciples, and change the world).

How do we accomplish this?

Meet the Present Need

Implement a buddy system where trained volunteers provide support to the children with disabilities within our society.

Provide Love & Support

Love children who aren't always loved in their world. Provide support for family members and caregivers of individuals with disabilities through spiritual care and respite.

Be Ready For Whoever May Come

Have volunteers trained and ready to meet the needs of families as they walk into our church.

  • 18-20% of the population has a disability.

More than 85% of churches do not have ANY service or accommodation for the special needs community. 

  • The disability community is one of the most unreached/under-reached people groups in thee world with only 5-10% having adequate access to the gospel. 

  32% of special needs families said they have left at least one church because their child was not included or welcomed.

  • 47% of special needs parents said they have refrained from participation in religious activity because their child would not be included, welcomed, or accommodated. 

55% + special needs parents have kept their child/children from participation of religious activities because adequate support was not provided and the parent would be expected to stay with their child for the activity.

  • Church-going special needs parents said the #1 most helpful support is a welcoming attitude toward their children.

For more information, contact Dustin Epperly or Krystle Berry.