About HKC

Huntington Kids Camp (HKC) is an annual day camp for the elementary school aged children of Huntington, WV. HKC is a ministry of Huntington Community Church. At HKC, our team teaches campers the gospel each day and shows them the love of Christ through Bible lessons, music, crafts, games, and other creative departments. This camp is staffed by background-checked volunteers through Huntington Community Church. All of our volunteers are people who love children and understand that the gospel is the primary motivation for this camp.


• HKC is totally free

• HKC will run from July 17th - 21st, 2023

• HKC is seeking to serve children entering 1st - 6th grade

• Registration and daily drop off is 8:00am - 9:00am, beginning July 17th.

• Pick up time is 3pm daily

• HKC will be held at A.D. Lewis Community Center

• Lunch will be served by A.D. Lewis Community Center

• HKC and A.D. Lewis will be throwing a block party at the facility at 6:00pm on July 21st. All are welcome.

Camp Contacts:

A.D. Lewis Community Center Director - Maria Hill: (304) 696-5908

Huntington Kids Camp Coordinator - Dustin Epperly: (304) 638-3894

Questions? Contact Dustin Epperly at dustinepperly116@gmail.com with the subject line "HKC Question" or call him at the phone number listed above.

Click the links below to review the HKC Welcome Packet, Consent Form, and Registration Form.



                                                                                                        CONSENT FORM pdf